Smoked Lamb Shoulder by Chef Jose @ Rumah Kebun Hulu Langat

Found these photos taken in June of our super chef Jose aka @huzeyimzan treating us with his signature smoked lamb at RKCG Marvelous smoked lamb shoulder slow cooked to perfection in a smoker for 14 hours. Moist, tender and melt in the mouth lamb served with northern style air asam. When you have Kedah style air asam who needs mint or bbq sauce. Meleleh!

Klang Valley folks, you can order from our awesome chef for parties, picnic, camping or just makan-makan. The rest of the world tengok gambaq saja. Sedap tak tau nak habaq. Contact Chef Jose @huzeyimzan for more info.

Good food. Great company. Lamb on!

🌏 Discover Hulu Langat, Selangor Darul Ehsan. 

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