Buah Tampoi - Baccaurea macrocarpa

The exotic jungle fruit 'Buah Tampoi', also known as Larah or Kapul, are botanically known as Baccaurea macrocarpa, is a small, tropical rainforest fruit native to Southeast Asia, especially Borneo. 

* The fruit is large, orange-skinned, with white or yellow flesh, are sweet with a delicious tangy flavour somewhat like mandarin (tangerine). 

* Tampoi fruits are available all year-round with a peak season in the winter and early spring months.

* In Malaysia, the tampoi fruit has flesh that resembles a mangosteen but it is unrelated and part of the Phyllanthaceae family. 

* Tampoi fruit are a good source of beneficial phenols and flavonoids and contain carotenoids. The flesh provides high levels of antioxidants.

* The tampoi tree is dioecious, and the female trees bear fruit directly on the trunk and large branches. 

* Tampoi fruits are eaten fresh, and can be added to stews, pickled or fermented to make wine. The Iban of Sarawak and Semelai of Pahang in Malaysia, use the fruits to make wine for their celebrations. 

* Tampoi are native to the island of Borneo and have a natural range that covers peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, and Java. 


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